Less Noise, More Green: Time to plant my community garden bed

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time to plant my community garden bed

This summer, I decided to rent a plot at the community garden I volunteer at as a Master Gardener. The plot is only ten feet by five feet, so I wont be growing vasts amount of food. What this plot has, that I am sorely lacking at my home garden, is uninterrupted full sun.

I decided to rent this plot too late in the season to grow summer crops this year. Next summer I plan on taking full advantage of the sun by growing plants I've had poor results with at home. For now, the bed will do nicely for overflow of fall transplants.

When I rented the plot it consisted of a horrible tangle of weeds and a very overgrown sage bush, which covered almost a third of the plot. I removed about three quarters of the sage, dug up the weeds and turned in compost and fertilizer. I covered the bare soil with straw to prevent soil erosion until I am ready to plant. As you can see, after a couple of weeks, I need to weed again!

Based on the spacing directions on the seed packets, I can fit the following comfortably in my plot. I will have five rows with the following plants in each row.

Row A: sage plant, garlic cloves to be planted in October

Row B: beets and spinach, grown from seed

Row C: 2 green cabbage and 2 red cabbage transplants

Row D: 4 cauliflower transplants

Row E: 3 brussels sprouts transplants.

I will also add nasturtiums and marigolds to the plot and mulch with straw. Once the plot is planted, I'll post an after photo. I better get my plot in shape quickly, this garden is beautiful.

 See you in the garden,


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