Less Noise, More Green: Maine Wild Blueberries

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maine Wild Blueberries

One of the only souvenirs I wanted from our trip to Maine was fresh Maine Wild Blueberries. Although the season was over where we were staying in Maine, sellers were driving north for several hours to harvest the fruit and roadside blueberry stands were on every highway.

600,000 acres of wild blueberries grow naturally in Maine. They are native to the state and were used by the Native Americans for both their nutritional and medicinal properties. Today, the small wild blueberry is a big player in Maine's agricultural industry and contributes significantly to the state's economy. We did our part to support the growers and bought a big box.

Banana bread done two ways, one with wild blueberries and one with chocolate chips.

Wild Blueberries are tiny, but full of flavor. I find they don't keep as well as traditional blueberries (this may be why you only ever find them frozen in the supermarkets) so we have been eating them every way we can think of! We've been having them on homemade granola for breakfast, I had them with yogurt at lunch today, and I made blueberry banana bread to freeze for the winter.

There is about a cup left. I'll have to fight Computer Man for them. Maybe I'll move the bowl to the back of the fridge.


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