Less Noise, More Green: Newsflash - transplants make it through the day

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Newsflash - transplants make it through the day

My community garden bed is all tucked in for the night. All the transplants made it safely through the day, even in the heat. Big sigh of relief. Straw is not pretty but it really helps with moisture retention. I made sure that the straw was not around the stem of the plant then made a little nest around the rest.  Unrelenting full sun is wonderful for growth, but not for transplanting young plants! I planted early in the morning, adding a little fertilizer into the hole before adding the plant and then watered really well.

When I went back to check on them this evening they were alive and perky. I'll water every day for the next few days to make sure they get the best start. The beet and spinach seeds will also need the soil to be consistently moist.

The previous owner of this bed left this stepping stone. It's already proved useful.  Which fall plants will do better? The ones here, or the ones in my garden at home? We'll find out in a couple of months.

My bed looks quite bare compared to many other beds in the garden, but this is not where I am growing my main crops and I am concerned about the consequences of over crowding the plants. I've had too much trouble this year with disease. In a couple of months, hopefully, I'll have a healthy bed of fall veggies that have good air circulation and plenty of room to grow.

For now, I'm just happy they'll see tomorrow.

See you in the garden,

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