Less Noise, More Green: Summer's end

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer's end


Times are a changin', do you feel it too? Fall is almost here, hanging around at the edges. In the garden the summer crops are holding on but the end is in sight. There is a lot of going to seed happening and much browning and withering.I thought I'd show you what is happening as summer starts to fade and then what's new for the fall in a later post.

I finally have bell peppers! They have thrived in their containers and I have a beautiful assortment of colors right now. Orange, red, black, rose and green, all glossy and ripe.

The cucumbers, on the other hand are on their way out. I grew two kinds this year and the green cucumbers did great. The lemon cucumbers took a long time coming but once they started producing they were quite prolific. This is the first time I have grown this variety and I don't think I'll grow them again. I found them very seedy with little flesh and they did not store well in the fridge.

The cucumber frame was near the fence in this year's crop rotation and the vines took no time in discovering it and taking over! it was actually quite attractive, especially with the lemon variety hanging through out.

 This has not been the year of the summer squash. Powdery mildew robbed me of almost all my plants. Mother Nature is amazing, though. I cut back all my squashes to virtually nothing and three of them survived and are producing! It's not the bumper crop I hoped for but we've enjoyed what has arrived.

I'm not sure this photo does this eggplant justice. It is huge and currently has seven black beauty eggplants fruiting. It really likes its situation in the garden. The eggplants I have in containers started out strong but have not flourished as I fear they are root bound. Each plant had developed at least one fruit, but they are not big. Next year I will plant a couple of plants in the beds and leave it at that.

Hello beautiful. 

This photo shows three of the different eggplant varieties I grew in containers. As you can see, the plants are small compared to the ones I grew in the ground. Lesson learned.

The green beans are on their last legs. I was hoping for one more round but if I don't see new flowers within the next week, they're gone.

The strawberry patch is having its second wind. The berries are small and very fragile but we are enjoying them in cereal and yogurt for breakfast.

The basil transplants are thriving! We're eating lots of basil and tomato salads and I think I'll be making pesto in the near future.

Here is my potato bed. It can't decide if its done or not. I've slowly been digging up potatoes from the most wilted plants. I still get a kick from it every time.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. All sizes,all colors. The plants are fading and I've done a lot of trimming of flowers and excess branches. The job now is to concentrate all that energy into ripening the fruit still on the vines. We are eating the grape tomatoes by the fist full; it's like eating candy. Any green tomatoes left as the first frost approaches is destined for fried green tomatoes and green tomato curry sauce. This sauce is so good. When I make a batch I'll share the recipe.

Summer may be short on time but the garden is still producing warm weather crops. My job is to pick every last ounce of goodness from it before it disappears.

See you in the garden,


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