Less Noise, More Green: After the Rain

Friday, August 2, 2013

After the Rain

Everything was looking very lush this morning after the rain.

 More dill seed to harvest

  Radishes are a constant, all summer.

 Broccoli providing a second crop of side heads.

 First year rhubarb. Next year you are mine!

Container cherry tomatoes. 
This plant has fended off disease the best of all my container tomatoes this year.

 Beets, finally developing.

 Pak Choi has been enjoyed by slugs more than us this year.

 Potatoes, almost ready to harvest.

 Butternut squash, starting to flower.

 Buttercup squash, my favorite.

 Potato flower, hey, I thought you were done!

 August vegetable jungle.

 Yellow squash flowers.

  Fall transplants, plus basil, hardening off. Just a few more days.

  These bush beans don't want to quit!

  This cabbage is the scrawny runt of the litter, but will still make great coleslaw.

 Garlic chives.


Just a taste of what's growing.

See you in the garden,


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