Less Noise, More Green: Dehydrating tomatoes

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dehydrating tomatoes


Today, I pulled out the dehydrator for first time this year. I love drying grape tomatoes. Many of the recipes I use call for chopped dried tomatoes and with these little guys I get to skip that step. After about five hours I start to check on them and remove the ones that are done. The larger tomatoes take a couple more hours.

My challenge is to not forget about them! Leave the machine going over night and no amount of soaking is bringing the husks back to life! Not that I know that from personal experience, of course.

Throw a handful of these into soups and stews during the month of January, and their intense flavor will bring you back to the fragrant tomato days of August. It's like capturing a little bit of summer in a jar.

See you in the garden,

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