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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Transplanting self seeding annuals

Edible Landscape April 2015
Year two of my edible landscape is off and running. This time last year, I was at the very early stages of installing the garden,  having removed the foundation shrubs and hostas but yet to remove the grass. This year, all of the really hard work is done and I am looking to keep my perennials healthy and plant my annuals (veggies, flowers and herbs) when the time is right. What is new this year is dealing with all the self seeding annuals from last year's garden.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Four signs gardening season has begun

Lilac Buds
Lilac buds
As each year passes, I get to know my garden better and become more familiar with it's rhythms. The weather was fabulous yesterday- well into the 60's with just a gentle breeze. I spent several hours working outside listening to the birds and feeling content. As I looked around me I thought yes, the signs are here, the four horsemen of spring have arrived.

Friday, April 10, 2015

My April Garden Chore List

April garden clean up
This is what was lurking under the snow.
The snow in my part of Rhode Island is gone. What a truly horrendous winter we just experienced. Mother Nature is amazing, though. Shoots are coming up and buds are forming, as if to say, "What winter?" The thick blanket of snow was actually a good thing for the perennials and an initial survey of the garden has revealed very few casualties. It is time to look forward and get on with this gardening thing!

Here are my zone 6b gardening plans for the rest of April:

Monday, March 30, 2015

URI Master Gardener Radio Podcast: Organic Gardening

WADK For the Love of Gardening radio podcast, organic gardening
WADK 1540 AM out of Newport, Rhode Island has just made available more podcasts for our URI Master Gardener radio show "For the Love of Gardening." My latest show is about organic gardening and my guest Sanne Kure-Jensen and I discuss organic practices, pest control and soil amendments, among other things, in this thirty minute podcast. Enjoy!

Organic Gardening part 1

Organic Gardening part 2


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Connecting with our food: raw milk from Buttercup Farm

Connecting with our food raw milk from Buttercup Farm

It's hard to believe that not that long ago most food was locally grown and knowing the farms and farmers that fed our families was common place. Farmers were our neighbors. They lived in our communities and were part of the fabric of people's daily lives. The meal on the dinner table was crafted from ingredients representing the skills, blood, sweat and tears of local farming families. We saw the crops growing in the fields and the animals that provided our milk and meat grazing in the meadows. Our food had meaning for us because the farmers that toiled to provide the food were meaningful to us.

Connecting with our food raw milk from Buttercup Farm
 Megan, on the far right, giving me a tour of the farm.

This connection with our food and farmers is so important and is sadly missing from our modern industrialized food system. Happily, a result of the blossoming local food economy is a resurgence of small farms serving their communities and I jump at any opportunity to meet local growers and producers and to see their farms. I recently had the chance to visit Buttercup Farm in Sterling, Connecticut and to meet Megan the owner and her beautiful Jersey Cows.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Garden and Kitchen Chores for March

March garden and Kitchen chores
Under that pile of snow is the garden gate.
The start of March feels like deja vu. This time last year, here in New England, we were complaining about the never ending winter. It was cold and snowy and the ground was completely frozen. Ha! Fast forward a year and we are wishing for the winter we were gripping about twelve months ago. Will I  get to do any of the outdoor chores on my list this month? Who knows. Here is perhaps my overly optimistic March Garden and Kitchen To Do list.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vermiculture - a composting solution for the urban garden

Vermiculture: a compost solution for urban gardens
One of the biggest gardening challenges I have in my urban setting is maintaining a compost pile. This year I hope will be different. I have a plan that should address my compost problems and also benefit my container gardens. Part of my plan involves my new vermicomposting system.