Less Noise, More Green: Kitchen Reorganization, Part 2: Drinks Cabinet

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kitchen Reorganization, Part 2: Drinks Cabinet

My little kitchen looks organized with the cabinet doors closed.


Welcome to the second part of an eight part series on reorganizing my kitchen to function more efficiently.  In part one I showed you the layout of my kitchen and where everything was stored, in all its glorious chaos!

The first order of business in reorganizing my kitchen was tackling how and where the ingredients for hot drinks were stored. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are very important in this house with copious amounts of each consumed each day. What I realized was I had tea in three cabinets, coffee and hot chocolate mixes shoved in the baking cabinet and mugs across the room in the hutch. Making a drink meant opening a lot of cupboards.

Before: The John Doe of cabinets - identity unknown.

The cabinet to the right of the sink made the most sense to transform into a drinks zone because after examining the contents it became clear it was a cabinet without an identity, full of different items that didn't relate to each other. I pulled everything out and washed down the shelves. Here is what was in the cabinet:

I may be in danger of becoming a hoarder of empty jars.

The glass and plastic jars were put in the pine hutch with the other storage containers,  the bowls went in the hutch's display cupboards with the other every day dishes and the baskets went in the empty cupboard in the hutch. The glasses went back on the middle shelf. It is the drinks cabinet, after all!

On the top shelf, I put large boxes of tea (750 British tea bags because running out is not an option) and the coffee we don't drink very often. In the middle next to the glasses I moved the mugs. The bottom shelf holds the tea, coffee, hot chocolate and dried rose hips that we used all day long.

Anyone for tea?

 The counter top beneath this cabinet looked like this:

The "before" shot.

I moved the tea kettle and coffee maker under the drinks cabinet and the toaster next to the bread bin.


Now everything I need to make that essential cup of tea is in one place, with the milk just one step away in the fridge. Emptying the dishwasher is faster as the mugs don't need to be carried across the room and the baking cabinet has more space with the tea and coffee removed. Nice!

My family seems very happy with the new arrangement - once they got used to where everything is!  

Do you have a drinks zone in your kitchen? How is it working for you?

On Thursday in Part 3 I'll tackle the cabinets where I keep my canned goods and organize all my herbs and spices which are threatening to take over the entire cabinet. I fear for my safety when I open these doors.

If you missed it, here is Part 1 of the Series:

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