Less Noise, More Green: Changing edible flowers

Monday, July 13, 2015

Changing edible flowers

Bee Balm, edible flowers
Bee Balm

A few weeks can make such a difference in a garden. Flowers fade as their time to shine passes and the focus shifts to new faces. It is the garden recreating itself, keeping the landscape fresh and interesting.

Borage, edible flowers

Gem and Lemon Drop Marigolds, edible flowers
Gem and Lemon Drop Marigolds

Nasturtiums, edible flowers
Nasturtiums and spent chive flowers

Sunseed Sunflowers
Sunseed Sunflowers

The Batchelor's Button and Chive flowers are on their way out but revitalizing my landscape right now are several new edible flowers: Bee Balm, Sunseed Sunflowers, Nasturtiums, Lemon Drop and Gem Marigolds, and Borage, all making their first appearances of the season. They add new colors and textures to the garden and add new flavors to our salads and sandwiches.

How delightful for the cook (me) to have new ingredients to play with every few weeks. Change can be delicious.

What's blooming where you are?


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  1. After months of cold weather, of course you think of flowers when spring arrives. I will cover many different angles of the beautiful flowers of Spring, including; edible flowers, toxic flowers, flower recipes, tips on how to care for them, and rose colors...what do they say?