Less Noise, More Green: Welcome URI Master Gardener Garden Tour Attendees!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Welcome URI Master Gardener Garden Tour Attendees!

Edible Landscape
Welcome Garden Tour attendees! If you have found your way here through the Tour Guidebook I hope that you will find the time to visit my garden during the two day tour.

If you visit, you will find two gardens. In the front I have an edible landscape consisting of edible flowers, herbs, berries and vegetables designed to be an attractive and productive entry to my home. In the back I have a traditional vegetable and fruit garden.

Below are links to resources on this blog that will support your visit to my garden.

Edible Landscape
  • Edible Landscaping podcast.  Part 1 and Part 2.                                                                             
I am the guest on the WADK 1540 AM URI Master Gardener radio show "For the Love of Gardening" discussing Edible Landscaping. 
 Edible Landscape
  • Follow the development of this garden from front lawn to a food garden, HERE and  HERE.
  • Pinterest Board on this garden featuring the name, Latin name and photo for each plant.
Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden

  • In the right hand margin of this page you will find two years worth of links to veggie gardening topics covering everything from composting to seed starting, to tips on growing individual vegetables.

Other resources on this blog:

Enjoy all the information on this blog and I hope you will come back and visit me here soon.

See you in the garden,



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