Less Noise, More Green: My Edible Landscape: Second year perennials bloom!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Edible Landscape: Second year perennials bloom!

Common Sage in bloom

My front yard edible landscape is now in its second year. It's been interesting to see how the garden has reestablished itself compared to last year when every plant was young and fragile. The fun with last year's virgin soil was very few weeds and the plants only grew where I seeded or planted. This year, much weeding and transplanting of self-seeding annuals has happened but the joy is coming from seeing the blossoming of the perennials.

As an edible landscape, most of the perennials I planted last year were fruiting plants and the fruit yield was either low or nonexistent. Year two brings with it more established plants, and flowers - the precursor of fruit!
Black Lace Elderberry buds
Both Black Lace elderberry bushes have flower clusters which will be pink when they open.

Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood

The Wolf Eyes Dwarf Kousa Dogwood is flowering, which is heartening in itself as it did nor fair well in the heat last year and I feared it had died over the winter.

Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood Flowers
I don't think it will produce enough fruit for me to harvest and use this year, but that will come.

Common Sage in Flower

Also new this year are my sage plants putting on a glorious blue show.

Common Sage Flowers and Bee
This bee was quite the bully - anybody know what kind it is?
The bees are thrilled with this new flower addition to the garden and this bee in particular was not interested in sharing, fighting off any other poor insect that tried to land!

Common Sage Flowers and Bee

This is one of the joys of gardening, watching your landscape change and grow. I wonder what it will look like in five, ten years time? It will be a pleasure to find out.

If you are interested in reading about and seeing pictures of my edible landscape, click HERE.

I have an exciting announcement about my garden which I will post later in the week, so check back then!



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