Less Noise, More Green: An autumn walk in a New England wood

Thursday, October 30, 2014

An autumn walk in a New England wood

 Is there anything more perfect than a walk in a New England wood in the fall?



 In the quiet of a crisp Sunday morning, under blue skies we walk beneath trees of gold, bronze and copper.  Old stone walls, fungi on the trees and rocks, a running stream and nuts and leaves crunching under foot fuel the senses. Autumn is too short and too rich a tapestry to not go deep into the woods and be a part of it.

New England in the fall - there is no where else I would rather be.



  1. Sue, these photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. Here in Southern California we have very little fall colors so I really enjoyed your walk in a New England wood.

  2. Thanks.Andrea! We are starting to be a ltitle past peek, here in Rhode Island and a storm that blew through on the weekend brought down many of the leaves. Autumn is always too short!

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