Less Noise, More Green: Edible Landscaping: Plant map and edible flowers

Friday, June 6, 2014

Edible Landscaping: Plant map and edible flowers

Less Noise, More Green, Edible Landscape Project
Taken from the porch, this is the left hand garden if facing the house.

My edible landscape project is coming along nicely. The plants seem to be adjusting to their new home and finally I'm seeing seedlings start to pop through the soil. In a few weeks the beds shouldn't look so bear! A lot of the herb seeds I have planted have yet to make an appearance so I'm going to wait until they do to talk about them. There is growth with many of the edible flowers, but I'd like to start this post by sharing my plant map.

Less Noise, More Green Edible Landscape Project Plant Map

The two beds are mirror images of each other with small differences. The above map is of the left bed, if you are facing the house. On the right hand side I have morning glories instead of climbing nasturtiums, oregano instead of thyme, holly hocks where the sunflowers are and two elderberry bushes in place of the kousa dogwood.

Less Noise, More Green Edible Landscape Project
This is the right hand garden, if facing the house.

The plan is zoned by height with the tallest plants closest to the house and I have perennials around the edges to help combat soil erosion. The path splits the garden into geometric shapes with the top two triangles containing mostly flowers and berries, the bottom triangles containing mostly herbs and the middle diamond containing vegetables with a few flowers and herbs thrown in.

If all the seeds I've sown grow, I think the garden is going to look great!

Hidcote English Lavender, container gardening, edible landscaping

New additions in the edible flower department include Hidcote English Lavender which I planted in two ceramic planters which are located in the center of the diamonds.

Bee Balm, edible landscaping

I also bought Bee Balm.

Naughty Marietta Marigold, edible flowers
From seed, I am growing heirloom Naughty Marietta Marigolds,

Night and Day Nasturtiums, edible flowers

Night and Day climbing Nasturtiums, Jewel Mix nasturtiums,

Dwarf Batchelors Buttons, edible flowers

dwarf batchelors buttons,

Blue Boy Batchelors Buttons, edible flowers

Blue Boy batchelors buttons, Sunseed sunflowers (great variety for seeds), Hungarian Blue Poppies (also for their seeds), Calendula-Neon, Lambada Bee Balm (pink flowers as opposed to the red flowers on the bee balm plant I bought) and King Henry Violas which I don't think are going to make it.

Non-edible flowers I have included, just because I like them, are Prairie Asters, Grandpa Otts Morning Glories and Fordhook Charter's Double Mix Hollyhocks.

Jewel Mix Nasturtium, edible flowers
Jewel Mix Nasturtium
As the plants continue to grow and flower I'll post better photos!

If you are interested in the plants I \am including in this project, check out my  My Edible Landscaping Project pinterest board. To follow the progress of the project, click on the Front Garden Redo tag in the right hand column to see past posts.

Have a great weekend - the forecast here is for eighty degree weather.


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