Less Noise, More Green: Eating flowers from the edible garden: lavender

Monday, June 30, 2014

Eating flowers from the edible garden: lavender

Lady lavender, edible flowers

My edible garden project has had a big growth spurt this week and some of the edible flowers are now in bloom! This is very exciting as I have been waiting to use these blossoms in our meals. The garden is becoming beautiful and now it is productive as well.

Night and Day nasturtium, edibl flowers
The first flower has appeared on the Night and Day climbing nasturtiums. A deep ruby toned flower that I hope is the first of many ( I'm going to wait until there are more before I harvest any). The marigolds are beautiful and I am taking just a few flowers to use in salads until the zucchini and eggplant have been pollinated .

Hidcote Lavender, Edible Flowers
Hidcote Lavender
Center stage right now is the lavender. I have two varieties growing in containers in the garden: Hidcote and Lady Lavender.

Lady Lavender, edible flowers
Lady Lavender

The fragrance wafting off of these plants when I water them is quite beautiful and I am thrilled to be able to start using the flowers and buds in my cooking.

Lavender and Honey Cookies from Tanya's blog "Lovely Greens" were a huge hit in this house! The link to the recipe is here. I rolled the dough in raw cane sugar and gently pressed both the flowers and buds of  Lady Lavender into the cookies before baking. The result was really unusual cookies that have a lovely fragrance and taste. They also look delicious, baking to a golden honey brown.

Lavender and Honey ice cream, edible flowers

As the honey lavender combination was such a success, we tried it in ice cream. Using Ben and Jerry's sweet cream base recipe  as a place to start, we substituted equal amounts of honey for the sugar. Ben and Jerry suggest that when using honey as the sweetener in ice cream that you eat it as soon as it has hardened in the freezer, as honey turns granular when frozen for an extended period. A couple of minutes before the machine was done, we added two tablespoons of fresh lavender flowers and buds to the mixture and let it turn in before putting the ice cream in the freezer. Delicious!

 Honey Bee on Lady Lavender

How do you use lavender in your kitchen? I'd love to know!

See you in the garden,


If you are interested in the plants I am using in my edible landscaping project, visit my Pinterest board titled "My Edible Landscape Project" .


  1. Great post Sue and I'm pleased you like the cookie recipe!

  2. Those cookies look delicious. I see some baking in my future!

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