Less Noise, More Green: My garden this week

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My garden this week

This last week we've had days of very hot, sunny weather and days of steady rain. This had made my vegetable beds very happy and there has been some dramatic growth going on!

I planted out my indeterminate tomatoes in pots and put them in a row against the house. This spot gets full blazing sun all afternoon and I'm hoping with the additional radiant heat from the house and the driveway, I'm going to get a great tomato crop this year!

Seven of the eight potato bags have sprouted and need to be topped up with soil. I also have several volunteer potatoes growing in the bed I had potato plants last year - I love volunteers, they are little gifts.

The peas are flowering, as is one of the tomatillo plants. Buds are forming on the blackberry bushes. Despite the best efforts of the slugs, heads are forming on the cabbages and radishes are thriving. Bush bean seedlings are breaking through the soil in their neat little rows.

Inside, zucchini seedlings seem to be growing an inch a minute and the peppers are taking off. The most fun arrivals under the grow lights are the peanuts in all their alien-looking glory. I'm looking forward to growing these again this year.

What's happening in your garden?



  1. Hi Sue. I absolutely love your blog, and your vegetables are looking great. Here in Melbourne (Aus) its mid winter, but I have plenty of organic veggies on the go. Its a relaxing time of year in the garden, although I'm looking forward to spring when everything goes into overdrive. The most challenging season in Melbourne is summer, when its far too hot and dry. If you are interesting in seeing how we overcome this, take a look at my blog "Gardening with Ecobeds" http://jas49580.blogspot.com.au/. Happy Gardening. John.

  2. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing this way!