Less Noise, More Green: Making Garden Teepees

Friday, May 22, 2015

Making Garden Teepees

Garden Teepees

I didn't grow enough green beans last year and it is killing me to have to buy bags of frozen beans to get us through to this year's harvest. To prevent another green bean-less late winter, I am growing a lot more beans this year. As I am short on bed space, the solution is to go up. On top of the usual bush beans, I'm planting plenty of pole beans which means I need lots of teepees.

Garden Teepees
Last year, I coppiced a Rose of Sharon bush which resulted in a pile of perfect supports for plants. I used these and some bamboo poles to make my teepees.

Garden Teepee

I find standing the poles in a container makes it much easier to tie them together.

In my edible landscape I've planted Trionfo Violetto, an Italian pole bean that produces purple flowers and beans. I've placed these in two pots at the bottom of my front stairs. I'm hoping they will look smart against the deep purple trim of the house.

I've also planted Scarlet Emperor pole beans, which have red flowers, to grow up a metal trellis.

In my container garden I planted a mix of sweet peas and Scarlet Emperor beans, as well as teepees for mini pumpkins.

Teepee and Morning Glories

On my deck I have Morning  Glories, transplanted self seeded seedlings, growing up a teepee. Lastly, I have cranberry beans, which are a dry soup bean, planted around a teepee in one of my back garden beds.

Do you think I have enough beans planted? I love the look of a teepee covered in beans, flowers and foliage and they really are a great solution for small space gardens!

See you in the garden,



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