Less Noise, More Green: Four signs gardening season has begun

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Four signs gardening season has begun

Lilac Buds
Lilac buds
As each year passes, I get to know my garden better and become more familiar with it's rhythms. The weather was fabulous yesterday- well into the 60's with just a gentle breeze. I spent several hours working outside listening to the birds and feeling content. As I looked around me I thought yes, the signs are here, the four horsemen of spring have arrived.

What are these four heralds of  the start of my gardening year?


Sign one - crocuses under the lilac bush.

Victoria Rhubarb

Sign two - the bulbous heave of  rhubarb emerging from it's sleep.

Sign three - the garlic standing tall, the first signs of life in the vegetable beds.

Sign four - the gang of squirrels gathered on my fence watching me plant, chirping and flicking their tails at me as if to say, "What's on the menu this year?'  Are you bringing it, furry face? Because I'm ready for you. Let the games begin.

See you in the garden,



  1. What a beautiful garden it is! these different plants make it more beautiful along the way

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