Less Noise, More Green: Welcome Providence Journal Readers

Friday, August 15, 2014

Welcome Providence Journal Readers

If you have found your way here from the August 16th Providence Journal article about my garden - welcome!

Here at Less Noise, More Green, I blog about home food production in my urban gardens, as well as cooking and preserving. I'm striving to find new meaning in old skills and believe they have a place in our modern world.

I hope you stay and explore. If you like what you see, you can subscribe by email or 'like' my Facebook page. I will notify you when I upload a new post.

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To see a complete plant list with photos for this project, click here to go to my 'My Edible Landscape Project' Pinterest site.

To see the online version of the article, click here.

Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Awesome update Sue thank you for sharing and encouraging us with all that you do God Bless

  2. Fantastic article in the Journal, Sue. And your amazing pictures came through beautifully, as always. Congratulations!!

  3. Your front yard looks so inviting. I hope that it will inspire some of your neighbors to really take a look at how easy, and beautiful, growing your own food can be. Once again, thanks for sharing.