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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Local Writing and Radio Master Gardener Projects!

RI Local Magazine
I am proud to be a URI Master Gardener. I have shared with you some of community projects I am involved with and the wonderful people I have met and continue to learn from. I am also helping to fulfill the most important mission of the Association which is public education. Here are two media projects I am currently doing!

I have started writing a monthly column in RI Local Magazine ! It is in a question/answer format and is called "Ask a Master Gardener".

RI Local Magazine

The July issue is out and you can find a link to where the magazine is available, here. It is a free publication.

WADK Radio

I have also recorded twelve gardening tips for  1540 AM WADK Radio, out of Newport, RI. These tips are airing through out the day so if you are in Rhode Island tune in and maybe you 'll catch one!

I have some more exciting news coming up, but I can't share that yet, so stay tuned!

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As always, thank you so much for your support of me and my writing - it means a great deal to me.


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