Less Noise, More Green: A space of my own

Friday, February 7, 2014

A space of my own

If you had told me ten years ago that so much of my time and mental energy would be occupied with gardening and in particular growing food, I would have been very skeptical. Between my gardens, my writing and my Master Gardening, this interest has grown into a true passion. Along with the enthusiasm, however, came books, magazines, catalogs, seeds, notebooks full of ideas and plans and a folder for each of the projects I am involved with.

Next to the desk is a box full of files - one for each project and gardening topic.

My house was littered with piles of folders and books and with this year's growing season around the corner I knew it was going to get worse. Clutter makes me feel out of control and flustered. Working on my projects was becoming stressful as my messy paper trail followed me from room to room.

I needed a space of my own. A nook that could function as Project Central and a means to corral all my gardening materials. Claiming an unused secretary desk was the answer. Placed in our spare room away from the main living areas I now have a place to think, plan and spread out.

Appropriately, I share the space with my grow lights! Keeping an eye on my baby plants will now be a breeze. The spinach I re-potted a few days ago is thriving, as you can see.

 This is the view from the window. Below are my main vegetable garden beds which you cannot see under the many inches of snow. They are there, though, waiting for the spring. Right now all I see is white- a blank piece of paper waiting for me write on, which I will very soon. I have dreams for this soil and now I have a place to plan how I will make those dreams come true.

A space of my own.



  1. Inspirational! I thought I was doing good to have all the gardening books on one shelf of the bookcase. This space you've carved out is a treat:)

    1. Thanks! I do think it will help me be more productive and I will have no excuse for not watering my seedlings!