Less Noise, More Green: Week of Gift Giving Ideas, Day 4: Homemade Gifts for Kids

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week of Gift Giving Ideas, Day 4: Homemade Gifts for Kids

Today's homemade gift ideas are SO MUCH FUN!! My two kids are sixteen and thirteen so I have made many a gift for them over the years and I think I had as much fun making them as they did playing with them.

Before we get to the list, I would like to share with you some very special homemade toys we have at our house. Computer Man's Great Uncle John was a talented woodworker and made many pieces of furniture for his family. In fact, our dining room table is an Uncle John original. He also made toys for all the kids in the family. The girls received elaborate doll houses, complete with all the pieces of furniture. Great Aunt Therese painted and sewed whatever was needed for the toy. They were quite the team.

Computer Man was given a wooden toy box, which we still use for storage, and when my kids were born we received the above pull along toy and the wooden train set, pictured below. The Mouse House, also below, was handed down to Art Girl from her Aunt. The furniture is all handmade, as is all the painting and mouse clothes.

Not only is the quality of these toys better than you would find in the stores today, but the passing down of family history is priceless. My kids have a connection now with their Great Uncle, whom they never met, and an understanding in a small way, of the man Aunt Therese and the rest of the family remembers. Not many toys today are built to last or will be saved for future generations, but you know these toys will be.

Many of the ideas listed below I have made, some many times. To link to the tutorial, click on the title of the gift. To see photos and link to all the tutorials, go to my Pinterest board titled Homemade Gifts for Kids.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids

When my son went through his Lego phase, this would have been such a great idea. He wanted to take his Legos everywhere, even in the car- with this, he could have.

Build a Portable Lego Tray

Do you have a kid in your life who likes matchbox cars? This is another amazing take along toy, or for creative play at home. My son was OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine for years and the trains went everywhere with him. A felt train track mat would have amused him for hours.

No Sew Felt Car Mat

Hello, Little Mouse, what a clean house!

Great way to encourage a child to take a bath!

Dragon Towel Pattern and Tutorial

I made several of these as baby gifts. I made a mummy and baby giraffe. This is an easy project with delightful results.

Stuffed Giraffe

Little Mouse isn't home today. Love those 1970s colors!

I have made several of these very cute mice beds in an Altoid tin. Great for a car or plane journey.

Wee Mouse Tin House

Are you always losing gloves? Use a wool glove to make a friend for a child.

Glove Bunny

Little Mouse has custom made furniture. Very fancy.

I want one of these, but crochet is like another language to me.

Animal Themed Crochet Hat Patterns

Messy, messy fun!

Homemade Finger Paints

There can never be enough glitter.

How to make Glitter Playdough

This project is a great way to keep crayons under control and makes tidying up fun. I have made several of these and a creative kid will love this gift.

Crayon Roll

Remember, to see photos of the projects and to access all the tutorials at once, go to my Pinterest board  Homemade Gifts for Kids .

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Tomorrow I will have some fabulous ideas for homemade hostess gifts. It's OK if you made a few extra for yourself!

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  1. What another great post. Sure wish I had some children to make things for.

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  2. These are great ideas!