Less Noise, More Green: Winter is coming and winter stores report

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter is coming and winter stores report

This is the dogwood in my front yard

 There is nowhere I would rather be than New England in the fall. It is spectacular. As we move into November, though, the leaves are changing from vibrant golds and ambers to burnt oranges and rust tones. The days are colder and nights are freezing more frequently. Winter is coming.


Autumn blue skies

 I admit it, I don’t like winter. I have lived in this country for twenty three years and I still fear the ice packed sidewalks and the snow drifts. I tell myself winter is the price I pay for the other three seasons, but this time of year I see it coming out of the corner of my eye. Winter is lurking, waiting until he can drop those first snowflakes. It is the Sunday night dread before school or work on Monday, tainting the last precious hours of freedom.

The crunch of leaves under foot means winter is coming.

 I think this is why in the fall I want to nest. My thoughts and activities turn inward. They focus on my house and in the kitchen. Spring and summer are all about gardening, both at home and with my Master Gardener projects. By the time October arrives I am tired. In the spring I am often envious of gardeners who live in warmer climates and can grow produce all year round. By October, I’m glad my garden is slowing down. You must have to garden at a different pace in California!

This is how I deal with the winter cold - lots and lots of tea.

Winter finds me doing projects around the house and making more complicated meals. I dust off the sewing machine, abandoned over the warm months, and think about Holiday gifts. Of course, there will be lots of planning for the garden next year and contemplation on the growing season this year.

If I can see winter as a time to recharge and focus on creating a warm home for my family, then I guess I can make it until March. For now, autumn is still here and outside work still waiting to be done. When winter does arrive, I'll take a deep breath and put the kettle on for tea.

Here is a quick summary of the winter stores used this week. 

Breakfasts consisted of omelets using sauted radish leaves, jams used on bagels, muffins and in yogurt,  and apple muffins.
Lunches included leftover pasta using veggies and pasta sauce, PB and J sandwiches, fresh tomatoes, leftover veggie frittata.
For suppers I used butternut squash, eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and kale to make pasta, frittatas and a veggie galette. I roasted half a cabbage and turnips to have with a roast chicken and made home fries.
Lastly, I used up an open jar of apple sauce to make an Apple Spice Cake.
Inventory Remaining

We ate the last of the eggplant this week.

Fresh (harvested)
Turnips (2),Green cabbage (1/2),Sweet peppers (2), Hot peppers (7) Cherry Tomatoes  (6oz), Potatoes (3lb), Butternut Squash (1/4),
Fresh (in the ground)
Carrots (whole bed),Turnips (4),Cabbage, green and red  (8),Scallions, Broccoli, Curly Kale, Red Russian Kale, Cauliflower (4), Brussels Sprouts, Rutabaga (3)
Frozen vegetables and fruit
1lb tomatoes (1), Bag Roasted Tomatoes (5), Corn on the Cob (8 ears)* Bag of 5 peeled and cored Apples (6), 1lb Rhubarb* (2), Quart bag Blueberries * (2), 1lb Strawberries* (2), 4oz Meyer Lemon Curd (3), 1.5 cups Kousa Berry puree, 16oz Cranberries (2)*
*Locally grown
16oz jar zucchini, 24oz jar tomatoes

Frozen pasta sauce ready for use in a quick meal.

Frozen Meals
4oz pesto (3), Pint Green Tomato Curry Sauce (6), Eggplant Parmesan (8 meals), Quart Tomato Sauce (3) Lentil Curry (1)
Jams (unopened)
8oz Strawberry (5), 16oz Blueberry (3), 8oz Rhubarb Cinnamon (7), 16oz Meyer Lemon Marmalade (7), 8oz Meyer Lemon Marmalade (1), 16oz Blackcurrant (4), 8oz Blackcurrant (1)

Other (unopened)
16oz Apple Sauce (17), 16oz Dill pickles (4), 16oz Corn Relish (3)
Frozen Baked Items
Apple muffins (2)

How do you feel about the change in seasons? Do you feel connected to a particular season?

See you in the house under a blanket.



  1. I try to love all the seasons, and I always say, "Oh, I love Spring", but come fall it's "Oh, I love Fall". Having lived in the middle of the country, where there is often just two seasons, I love having four now and I guess I love them all!

    1. Good for you that you feel that way! I can't tell you how much I hate being cold. Last year we had a mild winter and everyone complained about the lack of snow. I was delighted. Needless to say I don't ski!

    2. OH! Now I didn't say that I LIKED the cold!! :-)

      I honestly don't, but I like that you know there are four seasons. In the winter, I tend to spend too much time in the house near the wood stove, knitting.