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Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding the interest in Pinterest

These are some of my Pinterest boards.

Do you use Pinterest? I started learning about it when I started blogging. Pinterest is an online scrapbook and organizational tool and if you are a visual person it is a great way to group your ideas. Many people use the site to pin recipes they find on line, or save images they find inspiring for their kitchen redo project, for example.

I began using Pinterest as a way for Less Noise, More Green readers to pin posts containing information they wanted to keep to their own boards. If you click on the Pinterest page at the top of the blog you will see that the information is grouped into categories, hopefully making it easy to find the information you want.

This week, before my life is consumed with the Holidays, I spent some time thinking about the gardening projects I want to start in 2014. On the list is a redo of my front yard using edible plants, a container herb garden for the back deck, new vegetables to try growing, an irrigation system for the veggie beds and a moveable hoop house to extend the growing season into the winter. Not too much! As I was thinking about this and wishing I had the time to start planning, it dawned on me that I could start planning with Pinterest.

I have started to create boards for these projects to which I am pinning images I want to keep for reference. The pinned image is stilled linked to the article it came from so you can return there and refer to the information as many times as you want. You have a space to make notes under the photo to remind yourself why you pinned the image.

This is my board for vegetables I want to try growing in 2014.
If you click on my Pinterest page you will see three boards at the bottom where I have started collecting pins. Click on a board and you see all the pins attached to that board. Click on a pin and it will give you more information including an option to visit the site the pin came from. As I surf the net or read blogs I can now pin information and images to read when I have the time.

Click on the pin for leeks and you see these options.
I can look at other people's Pinterest sites and pin their pins to my boards and they can come to my page and pin my images to their boards.If you find a Pinterest site where you like a lot of the pins you can chose to follow that person, just like Facebook. Every time that person pins something new, you get a notification. You can also have secret boards that no one but you can see.

Setting up an account is easy and free. Once your account is established you can install a red pin button on your tool bar. This enables you to pin any image you see on the internet. Like that image of a cat? Hit your pin button and every image on that page will come up as a pin. Click on the photo you want to keep and Pinterest asks you which one of your boards you want to pin it to. You chose one or create a new one. Pinterest will then pin it for you. Visit your account and you will see the new pin. Easy, peasy!

Search Pinterest for specific pins such as "roses" or "pancake recipes," or pin images as you find them in your internet travels. If you are moving into your cold time of year, this website is a great way to arm chair garden. Find out more about Pinterest at www.pinterest.com.

The more I use Pinterest, the more possibilities I see with it. Do you use it? Do you have or know of a Pinterest board you would recommend for gardening? I'm looking for edible landscape images!

Happy searching,


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