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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Being Productive

I like being productive. When I can get a lot done it’s a good day. This weekend I spent a lot of time at the Community Garden as our Master Gardener Produce Donation Project was on the MG Garden Tour. I also spent time repotting vegetable seedlings for my fall garden, making blueberry jam and refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers that are now coming fast and furious from my garden!

A trip to Rocky Point Blueberry Farm is an integral part of summer for me. Just a few miles from my house, near the water and tucked into a beautiful neighborhood, its urban farming at its best.  Oh, and the blueberries are wonderful! 

My husband and son love pickles. This year I’m trying a recipe new to me for refrigerator pickles. No canning necessary!  These pickles are cold packed with lemon juice, fresh dill from the garden, garlic, hot pepper flakes and cold water. That’s it. No salt. Hum….. not sure about that. I made only one quart jar and the pickles should be ready to try tonight. We’ll see if they pass the test!

I love my grow lights. They are the best addition to my gardening practices this year. Being able to start a lot of cool weather crops indoors is such a leg up on the season and is especially useful in New England where our growing season is so short. We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Rhode Island. Cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprout seedlings wouldn’t stand a chance outside. I don’t have room or the southern exposure for a greenhouse but grow lights are the next best thing. 

See you in the garden,

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